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Lets just say world travel, life in a mountain town, Heli Ski Guide (North Cascade Heli), Commercial Fisherman...and a few other things as well.

Latest Activity
I'm a fan of
    Another Moment on Silver...
    Miles of turns-"North Cascade Heli"
    Chico Slashin POW...
    Pow slidin on Madison ...
    Paul Baugher getting after it..."North Cascade Heli"
    Black Peak and Flutetopi...
    Black Peak in the background and Flutetopia in front... "North Cascade Heli"
    The Pow and Tamarack ...
    These are the trees that the lads call...over there by the dead tree....
    View from the office.
    TGR wrap up party, No...
    Seamus (our pilot) falling in love again....Seth Cattabriga, Josh Neilson, my wife, and Seth Morrison...
    Day in the POW...
    Bottom of Amys Bowl. "North Cascades Heli"
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